— Cableways in the Hight Tatras —

Discover the beauty of Mt. Lomnický štít! 

Take a cable car to the peak of Mt. Lomnický štít and enjoy a breathtaking view to the fullest. Between the lower station in Tatranská Lomnica and the top of Mt. Lomnický štít, the altitude difference to surmount is 1,700 metres! This means you can have your head among the clouds at the unbelievable 2,632 metres above sea level within several minutes. And if the weather stays on your side, you can see 350 km far from the top of Mt. Lomnický štít, even the Austrian Alps! How about having lunch on Mt. Lomnický štít? Why not?! In the stylish café Dedo, one can enjoy coffee or specialities of Italian cuisine on a terrace. Staying close to the stars in the romantic environment of Mt. Lomnický štít is now possible - in a suite on the very top and with breakfast served in Skalnaté Pleso.

— Order your trip to Lomnický štít!  —

Ordering on return ticket T.Lomnica- Sklanaté pleso - Lomnicky Štít

Ticket will be issue for exact time in choose day.

Children from 0-5,99 year old has gratis enter.

* obligatory entry 

Price are valid if ordering is confirmed three days and more. Later ordering is + 2 EUR more. So provide earlier ordering.

Do you want go by cable way only to Skalnate pleso?