— Classic group lessons  —

The Tatry Motion ski school provides its clients classic lessons. "Classic" group lessons are designated to children and adults on skis or snowboards. Groups are formed according to a level and technical skills of clients as well as according to an age, language and other criteria.

"Classic" group lessons run every day at 10:30 - 12:30 and 13:30 - 15:30 at Biela Púť, Lúčky and Krupová. 

Price for 2 hours lesson with Goodman's: 35 EUR (normal price is 39 EUR).

If you take more days there is better price

Group ski lessons are designated to:

  • children over 3 years
  • adults

Group snowboard lessons are designated to:

  • clients over 8 years

The most favourable tuition is intended for children skiers over 3 years of age. It´s a fun tuition full of games with a daily animation programme. Children are divided into groups and ski in the Maxiland arena at Biela Púť, Lúčky or Krupová. Pre-intermediate little skiers ski under the supervision of instructors on blue runs and if the group is complemented with more skilled children, they can try more difficult ski trails.

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